Nowadays, we can buy everything online, especially in the era of pandemics, when stores outdo each other in ideas to deliver orders directly to customers’ homes. However, this does not fully apply to alcohol. It is still challenging to order alcohol delivery if we talk about an anytime delivery.

Where can I buy alcohol on the Internet?

Officially, there are many ways to buy alcohol online via the Internet in Canada. But you’re going to have a hard time finding a store that delivers alcohol to you exactly when you need it. Everything indicates that this situation will not change soon. Therefore, it is advisable to consider a reliable and safe place to buy alcohol with anytime delivery service. Tipsy is exactly this kind of online service.

How do we work?

First of all, most stores won’t be able to deliver the ordered products immediately anyway. They do not operate either in the late evening hours, so you risk not getting your product in the middle of the night. So, there will be no way to order another bottle of vodka during the party. It will simply be delivered the next day, so buying it online misses the point. Check out how you can order anything on the Tipsy website and enjoy instant delivery straight to your home:

  • Step 1. Visit our website at any time. (Add to your bookmarks and subscribe to Instagram!)
  • Step 2. Choose your favorite alcoholic beverages and the required quantity. There are many choices, but you don’t have a lot of time, right?
  • Step 3. Put everything in the cart on our site, convenient and straightforward as the usual online store. TIP: Add whatever you don’t mind drinking first, and remove the excess right from the cart.
  • Final Step. Place your order and wait for confirmation.

That’s all! Our courier is on his way to you. Your party will end only when you want it to!

In times of 24-hour stores and pubs, access to alcohol should be very easy anyway. But, so far, anytime alcohol delivery Canada is not as common. So that people have nothing else to do but to use the Tipsy online alcohol delivery or buy alcohol on their own in stationary liquor stores in the most inconvenient way.

Order Alcohol Anytime