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Mixology 101 Essential Tools List

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Although, having the right tools can make all the difference in crafting delicious cocktails. This comprehensive guide explores the essential tools every aspiring home mixologist should have. From cocktail shakers to muddlers, jiggers, strainers, and more, we’ll equip you with the knowledge to build your home bar setup. Let’s dive in!

Here’s a compact table of the most popular and essential tools for mixing drinks. Below we’ll talk about each tool in more detail.

Essential Mixology Tools
Tool Description
Cocktail Shaker Used for blending ingredients and chilling cocktails.
Muddler Used for mashing ingredients to release their flavors.
Jigger Used for precise measurement of ingredients.
Strainer Used for separating solids from liquids in cocktails.
Bar Spoon Used for stirring and layering cocktails.
Citrus Juicer Used for extracting fresh citrus juice.
Glassware Various types of glasses for serving cocktails.

Cocktail ShakerGlassware

Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker is a fundamental tool for mixing drinks. It allows you to blend ingredients, chill the cocktail, and create a perfect balance of flavours. There are two primary cocktail shakers:

  • Cobbler Shaker: This three-piece shaker consists of a metal tin, a built-in strainer, and a cap. It’s easy to use and great for beginners.
  • Boston Shaker: This two-piece shaker comprises a metal tin and a glass or metal mixing glass. It offers a larger capacity and is favoured by professional mixologists.



A muddler is a must-have tool for mashing ingredients like herbs, fruits, or sugar cubes to release their flavours. It’s typically made of wood or stainless steel and has a flat, textured bottom. Look for a sturdy muddler that fits comfortably in your hand for effective muddling.



A jigger is a measuring tool used to pour ingredients and maintain consistency in cocktail recipes accurately. It usually has two ends of different capacities, such as 1 oz and 2 oz, allowing for precise measurements. Opt for a jigger with clear measurement markings for ease of use.



When pouring your cocktail, a strainer is essential for separating ice, fruit pulp, or other solid ingredients from the liquid. The two main types of filters are: 

  • Hawthorne Strainer: This type of strainer has a flat, round shape with a coiled spring around the edge. It fits perfectly into a cocktail shaker or mixing glass.
  • Fine Mesh Strainer: This filter features a fine mesh screen and helps strain smaller particles like herbs or citrus pulp.

Bar Spoon

Bar Spoon

A long-handled bar spoon is versatile for stirring cocktails. It helps gently mix ingredients, reach the bottom of tall glasses, and create layered drinks. Look for a spoon with a twisted handle for easy swirling and stirring.

Citrus Juicer

Citrus Juicer

A citrus juicer is essential for cocktails requiring fresh citrus juice. Choose a manual or electric juicer, depending on your preference and the juicing volume. Freshly squeezed citrus juice adds a vibrant and zesty touch to your cocktails.



Invest in a selection of glassware to serve your cocktails in style. Some essential glassware options include:

  1. Rocks/Old Fashioned Glass;
  2. Collins Glass;
  3. Martini Glass;
  4. Coupe Glass.

Where to Purchase Quality Tools

You can find quality cocktail tools at various places, including:

  • Specialty Kitchen Stores: Visit local kitchen supply stores or specialty shops that cater to bartending and mixology. 
  • Online Retailers: Explore online platforms like Amazon, Barware, or Cocktail Kingdom for various options. 
  • Bar Supply Stores: Some cities have dedicated bar supply stores that offer a comprehensive selection of professional-grade tools.

When you’re ready to acquire these essential mixology tools, visit our online alcohol delivery website to order ingredients for your creativity. We offer a range of premium spirits, wines, and mixers with speedy delivery options! Elevate your home mixology game with our top-notch products!

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With these essential mixology tools, you’ll be well-equipped to create delicious cocktails in the comfort of your home. Ready to unleash your mixology skills? Visit Tipsy Alcohol Delivery Toronto to explore our exceptional collection of alcoholic beverages. From fine spirits to artisanal wines, we have everything you need to craft extraordinary cocktails at home. Buy alcohol online Toronto now and experience the joy of creating your own signature drinks! Cheers to elevating your cocktail game and enjoying the art of mixology!


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