How to choose a drink in a rum store?

How to choose a drink in a rum store

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This article will help you know more about some of the main varieties of rum and how they differ.

Rum can be very different. Different countries produce it, and each country approaches the ritual of creation in its way. We will discuss these characteristics and the primary rum classification to make it easy for you to choose a drink in our rum store.

The differences in rum from different countries

Traditionally, strong drinks are divided by age or strength. But when it comes to rum, it’s not so simple. For example, in Colombia, the strength must be at least 50%, in Chile and Venezuela, at least 40%. In Europe, the drink must first be distilled to 96% strength, and then the distiller must lower the degree to bottle the booze with a strength of 37.5%.

World Rum Classification

Despite the different approaches to the drink’s production, there is one universally accepted rum classification in world practice. You’re probably used to seeing these types of rum when you order rum for sale online.

  • Light rum has a poor flavor profile and is known for its sweetness. Such drinks are aged in special stainless steel tanks for about one year. Before bottling, they have to be filtered. It is the most popular ingredient for cocktails.
  • Golden rum is a drink matured for up to a year and a half. It matures in oak barrels, primarily used for bourbon. The hue comes from the wood, from the addition of caramel, or from mixing with more aged varieties. This type of rum is between a cocktail rum and a thoroughly matured drink.
  • Dark rum has been aged for at least two years in a barrel. It has a rich hue, aroma, and taste. We recommend this rum to drink in its pure form.
  • Aged rum is quite a broad category with a very diverse taste, which can be compared to the status of scotch in the variety of all whiskeys. This rum is worth drinking exclusively in its pure form.

We should also mention spiced rum. It is a rum that uses a variety of herbs, spices, and flavorings to create it:

  • rosemary,
  • cloves,
  • cinnamon,
  • and other spices.

It is a rum tincture with spices. It is a popular drink based on golden rum, while the most expensive examples are made from dark rum. Another distinctive category is strong rum, which is very popular in the Caribbean. This subspecies of rum has a strength of about 70%! You can buy rum online Canada and drink it pure or use it as an ingredient for cocktails.

You will find the most famous rum for sale online on our website. Use them for drinking pure or for making cocktails. Also, watch for updates on our website, and don’t miss special offers and discounts on your favorite drinks!

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