12 tips to help you drink and not get drunk longer

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Who knows better about alcohol than our Tipsy booze delivery team? We’re experienced enough to share some simple tips to ensure that alcohol is only enjoyable. Use our physiological and psychological tips to stay on your toes the longest at any party.

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What to do before you get ready to party

Preparing for a party where you plan to drink alcoholic drinks is an important step you should not skip if you want as minimal negative consequences as possible. Here’s an algorithm from our booze delivery team that’s best to follow before any binge.


You should be in a relaxed, rested state. You should not drink after a workout or other physical activity. In this case, alcohol will slow down muscle recovery and give excessive stress to the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Drink alcohol only when you are full of energy. If the party takes place at your home, save some time and order online alcohol delivery to have a good rest and gain strength at this time.

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Have a good meal

Your goal is not to drink on an empty stomach. Food in the stomach will somewhat slow down the absorption of alcohol into the blood, which means that intoxication will be gradual. Emphasis should be on foods high in protein (such as chicken eggs and Greek yogurt), bananas, oatmeal, oily fish, pasta or rice.

But be aware that this trick has a downside: once the food-protective layer in your stomach is gone, what you drank earlier can catch up sharply.

preparing activated charcoal

Take a few tablets of activated charcoal.

It will linger in the stomach and absorb and then remove some of the alcohol from the body, preventing it from entering the bloodstream. Even though there is no documentary evidence of this method, enthusiasts who test these pills on themselves seem to think that the remedy does help. It may be a psychological trick, but it won’t hurt you.

What to do when you drink

Of course, in the process of the party, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Don’t forget to eat. While drinking, food still slows down the body’s absorption of alcohol. Just don’t overeat so as not to increase the stress on your stomach and liver. 
  2. Avoid salty snacks. Chips, smoked meats, and salted nuts cause thirst, and you will unconsciously quench it with alcohol. This means you are more likely to drink more than you planned.
  3. Do not mix different kinds of alcohol. It is optimal to choose one familiar drink that you will drink throughout the evening. And it’s not because mixing different types of booze speeds up intoxication – that’s a myth. It’s just that the drinks you start with set a certain pace.

Also, ensure you have a few bottles of your drink in reserve if the party will be at your house. Ordering online alcohol delivery in advance is better than doing it during the party.


Where to order alcohol delivery near me if you suddenly run out?

Enjoy your party, and never suffer from a hangover! But you may have a question: where can I find an alcohol delivery near me if I run out of booze in the middle of a party? If the drink runs out in the middle of the event – you can always order more on our Tipsy website!

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