A party, pizza, and wine? Why not?

Party pizza and wine

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You can pair wine with just about any food if you choose the right drink. For example, if you’re planning a party with friends and want pizza, you may also want to order alcohol delivery. But what to choose? People usually order beer, cider, and other light drinks for an evening meeting with friends. Much less often comes the idea to order wine delivery Toronto. Many people may find choosing a wine to go with their pizza more complicated than just buying a beer. So today, TIPSY has prepared a quick guide for you on matching wine to different pizzas.

Wine and pizza: versatile options

If you don’t know what wine delivery Toronto to order, these wines will go with almost any pizza:

  • Medium-bodied pink wines;
  • Dry, fresh white wines;

If you haven’t decided on a pizza yet, these options are great if it’s time to order alcohol delivery. But for a more sophisticated combination, you still need to consider the toppings of your pizza.

Neopolitan Pizza

Classic Neapolitan pizza

Pair a classic, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza with a wine with medium acidity and fruity notes. They can balance out the natural acidity of the tomatoes since the main ingredients of traditional Neapolitan pizza are tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

Pizza creates a relaxed atmosphere, so different combinations will work nicely in that case. Light red wines from our alcohol shop Toronto are great if you’re looking for a wine that won’t stand out too much.

Pizza with meat

The most common ingredient in a meat pizza is pepperoni, which has a spicy flavor. It will inevitably dominate the taste of the pizza, so you may as well pair it with more distinctive wines. You can look out for Syrah wines or Syrah/Grenache blends, which will be able to handle the rich peppery notes of pepperoni pizza but avoid wines with high levels of tannins. Sicilian wines from the Nero d’Avola will also work. They have enough flavor to accompany a variety of meaty pizzas.

Pizza with pineapples

Let’s not argue about the right to the existence of such a pizza because it has many fans. It is only worth noting that slightly sweet wines, such as Riesling, will suit such a pizza.

Pizza with white sauces

Pizza with white sauces

Pizzas based on white sauces have radically changed the rules of gastronomic combinations. There are no tomatoes with their acidity, so they are no longer an issue when choosing wine. White wines are a great complement to white sauce pizzas. The combination of white wine with a pizza topped with ricotta and mushrooms would be incredibly delicious.

Lots of garlic

Garlic can be another ingredient that affects the overall taste of the pizza. And if you decide to combine it with basil, try experimenting with white wines such as Vermentino. Usually, wines from this variety pair well with green pesto sauce.


Don’t be afraid to pair pizza with wine from alcohol shop Toronto  – it’s the best and most tested combination! And it’s also a great cause to experiment with flavors and develop your taste buds.


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