Whiskey and wine: what do these drinks have in common?

Whiskey and Wine

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What’s an evening with friends without exciting stories? If you’ve already selected your wine or whiskey, then order alcohol delivery, and be ready to know something about your favorite liquor. Of course, you’ll want to share this knowledge with your friends over a glass!

Is whiskey the northern alternative to wine?

Everyone is well aware that wine is made from grapes. So what is whiskey made from? It is made of water and grain. The difference is the region: while grapes are grown in the south, it is challenging to grow sun-loving grapes in harsher climates, but the grain can be grown there. So here is the first slight similarity: nature and the year’s yields play a significant role in both cases.

Weather and season determine the flavor

The weather influences the taste of wine while the grapes are growing. The weather can vary from year to year: one year, it was very sunny and dry, and the next may be abnormally rainy. When you order alcohol delivery, you don’t think about it, but some years’ wine can go up in price because of the weather’s vagaries.

Nature also influences whiskey’s taste, precisely the taste of the water for whiskey. Single Malt Whiskey water is gathered from mountain streams in Ireland and Scotland. And this is done during the period of melting snow, so the water in these streams is melted. As a result, the water is different every year because of the weather, so making two whiskeys with the same taste in different years is not possible.


The vineyard regulates the quality of wine production. You can order liquor either from stores or directly from the vineyard where it was made. Distilleries that produce whiskey are similarly located near lakes or rivers from which they take water for their alcohol. An interesting fact is that many whiskey purveyors also sell pure water. You can buy whiskey as a bottle of water from which it was made, and you can even dilute your whiskey with the same water!


Wine’s taste determines the technology:

  1. Whether the grapes are harvested by hand,
  2. How the grapes are pressed,
  3. The conditions under which the wine is stored.

Aging and barrel aging is essential in the making of whiskey. Whiskey is aged in oak kegs, the origin of which affects the taste of the whiskey. Sherry kegs give the whisky an amber color, delicacy, and butteriness, while Porto kegs make the whisky pinkish and filled with a subtle sweetness. Bourbon barrels are ideal for making scotch. Madeira, cognac, and Calvados kegs in which the whiskey is put into it give it unique nuances. New barrels are used only to age American bourbon whiskey. Oak barrels give the drink a classic bouquet of vanilla and caramel. The keg fired inside provides the whiskey with a black hue and a typical aroma and flavor.


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