Patron Tequila Delivery

Patron Tequila Delivery

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At Tipsy, you can order tequila delivery, and we offer only the best drinks from around the world. Patron Tequila symbolizes respectability and good taste. This Tequila is a winner of the Five Diamond Stars Award of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. The ultra-premium product is handcrafted from natural blue Weber agave and matured in the Jalisco land for eight years. The massive thick glass tequila decanters are hand-blown and corked with Portuguese cork or French crystal stoppers. Tequila Patron is one of the best choices in our Tipsy drink delivery Toronto.

Features of the Patron Tequila Delivery

The entire tequila production process takes place at the Hacienda Patron farm. The company prides itself on its high-quality alcohol produced under the brand name and its eco-friendly reverse osmosis irrigation system and processing of agave by-products. But the real pride in manufacturing is in the people — the 60 hard-working pairs of hands involved in tequila production.

The process of getting the premium alcohol takes a lot of time and effort:

  1. The agave matures slowly-it takes about eight years.
  2. The farm’s experienced experts choose the best specimens with the highest sugar content.
  3. Using a sharp tool, they cut the leaves off the agave cones, exposing the heart of the plant.
  4. The raw material is transported to the Hacienda Patron plant, hand-crushed, and baked in special small brick ovens for more than 70 hours.

Two methods are used to get the juice from the baked agave: the roller mill and the Tahon stone wheel.

The juice from the roller mill and the juice from the wheel are fermented separately for three days. This triggers the process of converting sugar into alcohol.

The fermented mixture, called Mosto, is distilled in small batches in special copper cubes invented by master Francisco Alcaraz. This distillation gives the finished alcohol a characteristic smooth profile.

After distillation, Patron Tequila is ready for bottling. The aged varieties of the drink are prepared based on silver Tequila, which is left to age in handmade oak barrels and then blended. You can order the result of such excellent work in our booze delivery.

Tasting Patron Tequila

Not many people know that there is unique glassware for blue agave alcohol. The original glass for Patron Tequila is an elegant glass flute, resembling a shaped champagne glass but with a shorter foot and a narrower opening.

When pouring the alcohol into the shot, it is necessary to tilt it several times to both sides so that the tequila “legs” could gently flow down the walls. The slower the drink flows, the more full-bodied it is.

The glass should then be rotated, releasing the drink’s aroma – just above the top of the glass, a rich bouquet of alcohol is gathered.

The first sip spreads across the palate, giving off a taste of Tequila. The next sip should be accompanied by an inhale through the palate, then swallow the drink and exhale through the nose. This will allow you to appreciate the flavor and aroma of Tequila fully.

Strong agave beverages may not be snacked on but may be accompanied by lime and salt. You can also use our booze delivery to make your cocktails because Tequila is often used to make famous cocktails: Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, and Tequila Boom.

Enjoy Tequila and Tequila-based cocktails with our Tipsy drink delivery Toronto!


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