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Everyone knows how dangerous it is to mix alcohol with medications. But there are other combinations from which you will be left with not the most pleasant impression. So before planning your evening, learn more about “toxic” mixes, and order online alcohol delivery for dinner.

Why can you feel bad after booze delivery?

Everything was perfect: you ordered booze delivery, cooked marinated meat and vegetables for dinner, then served desserts, and it seems like you didn’t drink much but still have negative consequences. Why does this happen? Your first assumption may be poor-quality alcohol. But this is excluded if you have ordered Tipsy online alcohol delivery! The wrong food is the most common reason for feeling bad after an alcoholic party.

  1. Tomatoes. Tomatoes (especially fresh) with alcohol cause flatulence and digestion problems. This is due to the organic acids found in these vegetables.
  2. Desserts and sweets. Pastries and desserts are high in monosaccharides and slow the body’s processing of ethanol. Consequently, the poisoning time of alcohol increases. Combining these “unfriendly” foods can be nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. Especially bad for you to combine chocolate and strong alcohol. These foods put a lot of stress on the pancreas, resulting in abdominal pain and cramps and cause acute pancreatitis.
  3. Fruit. Risky combinations can also include a tandem of booze and gourds. Alcohol is not “friendly” to watermelon, which is rich in natural monosaccharides. Melon, among other things, also contains elements that provoke flatulence. The same effect is caused by the consumption of grapes with alcohol.
  4. Coffee. Many people try to fight intoxication with a cup of strong coffee. On the other hand, many like to drink coffee with brandy, whiskey or liquor. But mixing them means you increase the risk of cerebral vasospasm and noticeable blood pressure fluctuations. Therefore, remember that the combination of coffee and alcohol is contraindicated to people with cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Fatty meat dishes. Combining heavy meat dishes and alcoholic drinks, you test your liver and stomach for vitality. The short-term pleasure of the nourishing, tasty meal, “flavoured” with alcohol, is fraught with exacerbation of digestive tract diseases.
  6. Marinades. Inconsistencies in the interaction of alcoholic beverages and marinades provoke vinegar, contained in the latter. This spice slows down the breakdown of alcohol, which leads to liver and kidney damage. Because of ethanol’s slow processing, we also get dehydration, which impacts the mentioned organs. Therefore, it is better to replace marinades in dishes to avoid the above problems.

Plan your menu correctly and avoid unwanted sensations after the events! And order alcohol delivery on our website.

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