What is Martini

What is Martini

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The Martini is incredibly popular vermouth with a 150-year history. A cocktail of the same name is in the category of outstanding, best cocktails everyone loves. Traditionally, the aperitif includes vermouth and gin, but there are many other martini-based cocktails. Today you can order liquor online Toronto to taste your favourite drinks and create outstanding cocktails.

Traditional Martini

The traditional recipe for the Italian drink has undergone many changes and variations. Today, a dozen different kinds of Martini are made with striking differences in flavour nuances. You can find the best drinks on the shelves of professional alcohol shop Toronto

What kinds of alcoholic beverages are made by Martini?

In alcohol shop Toronto, you can find a wide range of Martini products:

  • Rosso has a bitter taste and rich aroma due to its excellent blend of herbs and wine. Because of caramel, it has a dark amber hue. It can be drunk without additives or used as a base for cocktails with the addition of orange juice and lemon. 
  • Rosato is vermouth with light pink colour and notes of cinnamon and cloves. The composition also includes white and red wines and has a strength of 15%.
  • Fiero is delicate red vermouth with a rich orange flavour. This beverage with 15% strength is steadily gaining popularity in Europe.
  • Bianco is one of the most popular Martini drinks. It conquers the hearts with its soft taste and aroma of vanilla with light hints of spices. It also has a strength of 16 degrees, so it is pleasant to drink it in its pure form. It’s often combined with tonic, soda, and lemonade.
  • D’Oro has a golden-orange colour and aroma of citrus with hints of coriander, honey, vanilla and nutmeg. It was made in 1998 for sale in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland, where white wine is appreciated. It has a strength of 9%. You can find them on the internet and order liquor online Toronto.
  • Extra Dry is a light drink with raspberry, toffee and lemon notes. Because of its high alcohol content and low sugar content, it is often used as the basis for cocktails.
  • Bitter is a slightly bitter-tasting ruby-coloured alcohol-based drink. It contains fruits and 30 kinds of herbs and flowers in varying doses. You can drink it pure or diluted with juice or tonic.

Also, the Martini brand produces sparkling wines suitable for cocktails:

  • Rose is a rose semi-dry, the grapes grown in the provinces of Piedmont and Veneto. Red and white varieties are used in the production, and the strength reaches 16%.
  • Asti is made exclusively in the province of Piedmont. The sweetness and brightness of the drink’s bouquet are achieved thanks to a unique technology. It is recommended to drink it chilled to 6-8 degrees.
  • Prosecco is a dry sparkling wine with notes of green apple and peach. It is produced only from Prosecco grapes grown in the Veneto region.
  • Brut is one of the Martini distillery’s first sparkling wines, created 80 years ago as an alternative to Champagne. Its production requires Chardonnay and Glera grapes. It is characterized by a prolonged aftertaste with hints of green apple.

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