Exotic trends in the world of alcohol 2022

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Bartenders at venues worldwide share their experiences and help us understand this year’s trends. Their expertise can also be helpful for those who like to order online alcohol delivery and make cocktails at home. In addition, experienced professional bartenders help us understand how not to be afraid to experiment, how to treat bizarre novelties and where to look for inspiration in the search for new flavours.

Alcohol Toronto Trends

Even if you prefer to order standard Alcohol Toronto beverages and spend an evening with friends over classic pure drinks, knowing more about global trends in the world of alcohol is essential. First, no matter what your favourite beverage is, sometimes you want to try something new. And everyone hits the bar from time to time with new and different items on the menu all the time. Keep up with the news of the alcohol world so you always know what’s worth ordering and trying and what’s considered outdated.


Taking care of the environment is the most significant trend in mixology. But, unfortunately, the daily work of a bar involves generating a lot of waste. In the future, we can create fantastic cocktails with less environmental impact if we take the first steps towards it today. And it’s not just about disposable straws and umbrellas but also processes, recipes, and ethical production.

More spices and herbs

The use of spices and herbs is a notable trend. Caraway, nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices are already in the glasses with drinks. Botanicals are making the fragrant and flavour palette of traditional drinks more complex. The field for experimentation is huge: once, it seemed very strange that ants were added to gin, but now it is the standard. So, order online alcohol delivery and find some spicy recipes for your cocktails!

Healthy lifestyles and non-alcoholic beverages

The fashion for a healthy lifestyle has created a boom in certain beverages. Kombucha is especially good for hot climates – light, sparkling, and refreshing. Many local bars make their kombucha, sometimes making cocktails based on it. And more and more non-alcoholic beers, wines, and even vodkas are popping up.

Classics are back

Classic cocktails are our prediction for the future. The pandemic has taught us to appreciate simple, familiar things. Serving is becoming increasingly important: ice, fancy glasses, and minimalistic but expressive decorating. As a result, people enjoy understated luxury and familiar flavours.

Combining different cultures in one glass

Combining different cultures is one of the best experiments you can do at home. Professional bartenders mix Korean soju with English whiskey, local herbs with wines from faraway lands and get great new drinks. You don’t even have to go to the alcohol shop Toronto to start your mixology experiments. You can always order delivery from alcohol shop Toronto with speedy delivery on our website. It’s an inspiring adventure!

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