KOREAN ALCOHOL: Unusual drinks, Part 1

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Our online alcohol delivery service is always trying to expand its assortment. But to make such lightning-fast alcohol delivery, we include only the most popular drinks in the catalogue. Nevertheless, there are many exciting drinks that we still need to add to the website due to not-so-high demand or novelty. If you want to order alcohol Toronto from different countries – be sure to let us know in the comments or on social media, so we can see if it’s worth adding new items to the site. Today we will discuss what people drink in South Korea and which drinks are a must-try.

Korean Alcohol

Korean food is becoming more and more popular around the world every year. Along with music, TV shows and fashion from this progressive country, unusual tastes, products and drinks also come to us. Koreans produce a lot of interesting alcoholic beverages. Some of them are unlike anything you have ever tasted. Alcoholic drinks from berries, rice, and flowers will surely surprise you. Let’s figure out what kind of alcohol Korean pop culture connoisseurs will enjoy and what to expect from it.

Korean Alcohol: Soju

Korean soju is made from grains or sweet potatoes. Soju pairs well with Korean dishes, so many consider it a “main course” for dinner. However, be careful before pouring a third or fourth glass – this drink usually contains 19-25% alcohol, so it is much stronger than beer or wine. There are also extreme versions of this drink with much higher alcohol content, so always pay attention to the alcohol content.

Unlike other clear alcoholic beverages such as gin and vodka, soju is slightly sweet if you drink it purely due to the sugar added during the distillation process. However, even if you don’t like “pure” alcohol, chances are you’ll like soju.

Floral Wines

Once in Korea, you’ll find very few traditional wines made from grapes at the alcohol delivery, but many made from flowers, berries, and even rice wines unfamiliar to us. Various versions of floral wines are made from:

  • azaleas, 
  • chrysanthemums, 
  • peach blossoms, 
  • rose hips,
  • many other plants and their combinations. 

For example, one of the varieties is made from 100 flowers. The alcohol content and taste can vary greatly.


Instead of grapes, Koreans use a unique sort of raspberries, similar to blackberries, to make wine. A drink called Bokbunja.

This drink has a much higher alcohol content than a standard red or white wine glass. For example, a glass of bokbunja contains an average of 15-19% alcohol, while a glass of wine contains an average of 9-16% alcohol. Because of the high acidity of berries, seafood is the best choice for dinner with this alcohol.

Where to order alcohol Toronto

If exotic drinks inspire you less, you can order online alcohol delivery from our classic selection on our website. And if you dream of seeing your favourite beverage on our site that we don’t already have, comment this article and share your favourite drinks!

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