How to drink whiskey, and how to mix it?

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The choice of whiskey today is vast: you can order drink delivery Toronto made in Scotland, Ireland, the United States or even Japan. Moreover, buying whiskey online is easy. But both beginners and those who often enjoy whiskey wonder how to improve the taste of their favourite alcohol.

Basic knowledge about serving whiskey

First, let’s learn the basic ways of drinking whiskey. Whiskey is a strong drink that is the best drunk in the afternoon, in the evening. We recommend you create an appropriate relaxed atmosphere and dim the lights. Then, of course, you should invite people with whom you can feel warm and comfortable. Here’s our perfect scenario for whiskey enjoyment: a few close friends sit in comfortable chairs on a Saturday evening and taste single malt whiskey.

The traditional way to taste Alberta premium whiskey is to drink it without diluting it. This way, you can feel every nuance and enjoy the aftertaste to the fullest.

How to emphasize the taste of whiskey?


Here are a few tips on how to taste the authentic flavour of the drink:

  1. Whiskey should be drunk slightly chilled. A lukewarm whisky will leave a strong taste of alcohol, so the optimal temperature is 18-20°C.
  2. Fill glasses with whiskey to one-third. One serving is about 50 grams.
  3. Etiquette and serving: A chilled bottle is served wrapped in a towel. The master of the house pours the drink. It is common to serve ice, cola, and soda, as guests may have different preferences, and it is better to consider this in advance. You can also serve whiskey in a decanter.
  4. If a few different bottles are to be tasted, rinse your mouth with mineral water after each sampling.

Remember to order drink delivery Toronto: soft drinks, whiskey, and snacks in advance to ensure everything goes perfectly.

So how do the professionals taste?

You can repeat the traditional tasting procedure to feel like a Sommelier. Typically, a tasting consists of five steps:

  1. Visual evaluation;
  2. Aroma evaluation;
  3. Tasting a small amount of the drink to get a first impression of the taste;
  4. Taking a full sip;
  5. If you like the drink, you can further dilute it with ice or a soft drink and continue drinking.

You can also continue to drink Alberta premium whiskey without adding any other ingredients. However, if you decide to move on to the next whiskey – don’t forget to take a few sips of mineral water to clear your taste buds.

Adding soda and cola

If you decide to buy alcohol online Toronto for the company, including whiskey, be sure to order something to dilute the whiskey with. Not everyone can appreciate this drink in its pure form – it may be too strong and too flavorful. Although a category of people is against mixing this drink with other ingredients, but there is nothing wrong with it if you like it better that way.

The main secret is not to dilute the whiskey too much so as not to lose the primary taste of the whiskey. Instead, add some ice and cola and throw in some mint. So that you can buy alcohol online Toronto and get a perfect cocktail.

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