How To Taste Beer Like A Professional

Tasting Beer

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Similar to wine, a certain beer goes well with a particular dish. Keep this in mind before you order alcohol online Toronto next time to try a new way to enjoy your beer. For example, light beer should always be paired with fish and salads, but dark beer should be consumed with hearty fare and red meat. A smoky dish like barbecue is the best pairing for a beer with caramel, coffee, or cocoa flavour. 

Salmon, fried food, and pizza go well with a hopped beer, while cheese, bruschetta, and grapes go well with a sweet, fruity beer. Want to order alcohol online Toronto? Make some preps to enjoy your drinks in a new way!


You can order booze delivery and drink beer from plastic or a bottle, but you should understand that you are entitled to the whole experience. Therefore, always select a glass or mug that is appropriately shaped and made of natural materials for your alcohol Toronto

  1. Use a mug for Pilsner, Smoked beer, Witbier, English Stout, American and English Porters, and American Ale. 
  2. American Ale, Mild English Ale, English Bitter Ale, Pale Ale, Cream Ale, Dark Lager, and Stout are all suitable for pint glasses. 
  3. Strong dark ales, quadruple beer, and tripel beer are best enjoyed in goblets. 
  4. American Black Ale, American Imperial Red Ale, Belgian Blonde Ale, Fruit Beer, and Spiced beer can all be served in a trendy tulip glass. 

Choose your favorite beer, get the right glass ready, and order booze delivery today!

Pouring Beer Properly 

Brews with a higher alcohol content typically need to be stored at higher temperatures. Decide whether you prefer heavier pilsner, lager, or wheat beer held at (7 to 10 C), darker ales, barleywine, or tripels (10 to 15.5 C). 

Choose a clean glass and the fitting size and shape. A dirty one will affect the flavour and aroma of the beer. Always begin pouring the beer from a height of at least 2 – 3 cm, at a 45-degree angle. 

Once the glass is half full, gradually level it to reduce the created head. Before filling the formed foam to 3/4 of its height, give it time to settle. 

Someone thinks that pouring beer twice will enhance its aroma. It is a superb Guinness pouring technique. First, fill the glass halfway and run until a thick head forms. Then, pour beer again, getting 2.5 – 3.8 cm of head total, after allowing it to dissipate slightly. 

How To Taste Beer Like A Professional

How To Test Beer Correctly 

Look at your beer. Examine the chosen beverage to begin the procedure. Check the colour and whether the head is creamy, foamy, or quickly disappears. Then, give the beer a slight swirl to release some of the aroma and flavour while maintaining the head. 

Determine whether the beer’s aroma is fruity, chocolatey, or bready. Then, inhale again through your mouth to ensure the sensation is still present. Yet another thing! Always observe whether the smell gets stronger or vanishes after the second swirl. 

Drink the beer. Take a sip, but don’t swallow it right away. Instead, try to taste its flavour on your tongue as you let it sit in your mouth. The flavours in a premium beer won’t blend and compete but rather integrate. 

Identify salty or sweet flavours that may change or vanish as the beer warms in your mouth after exhaling. Take the first sip and several more to see all the changes over time.

If you’re ready for a beer tasting today, just place your order for an alcohol Toronto on our website and we’ll get it to you in no time!

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