What is alcohol?

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What is alcohol? And what are its most common types? Knowing the process of alcohol production is essential to understanding what alcohol is. Of course, this knowledge is not necessary to buy alcohol online Toronto, but aren’t you curious to know what you are drinking? Alcohol production is a peculiar process, and that’s what makes it interesting. 

The First Alcohol Experiment

The general historical consensus is that the first alcohol must have been a complete accident. In almost all sources, we find stories like this one. About 10,000 years ago, people were figuring out how to make bread. They milled grains into flour, added water, and made a rough version of bread. 

Supposedly, these same people left their ancient concoction to ripen overnight. And so, when they woke up the following day, their porridge fermented, gave off juice, and magically turned into alcohol. So there, now you, too, know how it happened.

What you can make alcohol out of

So what happens in the production of alcohol? One of the most ancient and essential ways to make alcohol is fermentation. The process’s essence is that the yeast’s micronutrients absorb sugar and use it to produce alcohol. So yeast is the magic ingredient that turns sugar into alcohol! This process is known as fermentation and happens naturally daily in the world around us. If you often buy alcohol at a liquor store, you probably drink beverages made this way.

Since ancient times, people have turned the fermentation process into an art and a science. And absolutely anything that contains sugar can be transformed into alcohol. Beer is made from fermented grain wort. Wine is made from fermented grapes. Cider is made from fermented apples or pears. It is easy to buy alcohol online Toronto today, and all thanks to that first accident, when people accidentally invented it.

So what is alcohol

In general, alcohol is a potent substance that affects the human body. 

People love alcohol because of its miraculous effects:

  • a feeling of euphoria,
  • a reduced level of anxiety,
  • alcohol makes communication easier,
  • it soothes and relaxes.

However, it is worth noting that alcohol can also be dangerous. Anyone who has experienced an excellent hangover knows this! But alcohol is also responsible for impaired memory and motor function, leading to unpleasant consequences in different areas of life.

That’s why, as a general rule, alcohol is strictly regulated worldwide. But everyone who consumes alcohol knows and loves its consequences.

Online alcohol delivery

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